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Hands free door opener Door handles and doorknobs are often infected with viruses and bacteria in high concentrations. Studies have shown that they can survive on door handles for up to 72 hours. To reduce the likelihood of spreading infectious diseases, doorknobs should not be touched by hand if possible. The free-hand pawl supports a change in behavior and enables doors to be opened and closed with the forearm.

Freehand jack


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The free-hand handle enables hands-free opening and closing of the door. The contact between the hand and the door handle is avoided because the door can be moved comfortably with the arm. This will reduce the distribution of germs and viruses via door handles is enormously. The freehand door opener makes it easier for us to achieve a change in behavior in terms of infection control.

  • Suitable for jack diameters up to 20mm
  • color white

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x freehand door opener
  • 1x door sticker with instructions for use
  • 4x screw connections
  • Inlay for use with smaller diameters (15 – 20 mm)

Advantages of free hand strikes:

  • Customer loyalty / image gain through visibly higher hygiene standards, competitive advantage through setting new standards
  • Reduce absenteeism by reducing sick leave
  • Protection of employees and visitors from the transmission of germs and viruses

You will receive special conditions for orders of 100 pieces or more. You are welcome to contact us for an individual discounted offer: service@freihandklinke.de


New legal requirements, but also new demands by society with regard to hygiene standards at workplaces and in publicly accessible buildings await us in the near future. Anyone who is already prepared for this and takes appropriate measures will gain enormous advantages over competitors and convince their employees. The hand-free door opener is an important component in complying with hygiene requirements. The focus on hygiene will be significantly stronger, especially in publicly accessible sectors such as restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities, public toilets, educational institutions, but also production facilities and office buildings. Besonders in öffentlich zugänglichen Branchen, wie Gastronomien, Hotels, Freizeiteinrichtungen, öffentliche Toiletten, Bildungseinrichtungen aber auch Produktionsstätten und Bürogebäuden wird der Fokus auf Hygiene deutlich stärker gelegt werden.


For business clients
If you would like to equip your business location with the doorknob attachment, we offer you an order on account (provided you have the appropriate credit rating). Please send us an inquiry to service@freihandklinke.de.


Assembly service
In the Berlin area, we offer you an assembly service from the Freihand door opener. We are working on expanding this service to other regions in Germany. If you would like to have the installation carried out by one of our partners, please contact us at service@freihandklinke.de.


We recommend two door handles for equipping a door on both sides.


The freehand door handle does not offer 100 percent protection against a virus infection. However, it provides significant support to minimize the risk of infection.

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